London [luhn-duh n]

Being a Mancunian CGI company we had always assumed ‘London’ to be a mythical city. I’d heard so much about royal weddings, macavelian politicians and unimaginable wealth it was easy to confuse ‘London’ with an episode of Game of Thrones. Until one day we picked up the phone to a strange accent - an accent we only ever before on the news.

After the initial panic, a lot of research and heated debate with the village elders we came to the conclusion that not only is London a real place but that there is actually quite a lot of property development happening there - which was great news for us!

We proceeded to produce a set of off-plan marketing visuals for a new apartment building on Camden Road. This included an exterior architectural visualisation, interior CGIs and a 360° CGI virtual property tour.

Interior Apartment CGIs

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360° CGI Virtual Apartment Tour

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