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VR & 360°

Virtual Reality & 360° CGI Spaces


VR & 360°

Virtual Reality & 360° CGI Spaces

Panoramic & Interactive CGI

Virtual reality is finally here!  

After the possibilities of VR first coming into our childhood video gaming minds in 1993; yes the early 90's - that's not a typo (Google 'Atari's Jaguar VR' and you'll soon realise why I'm suddenly feeling so old!) we have been waiting for a lifetime - while in the meantime having to 'make do' with real reality.

After the years of development and hardware struggles humanity are now at a point where the majority of us won't even leave the house without the necessary technology on our person – in the form of a smartphone. A smartphone plus a very affordable Google cardboard viewer (from around £15) is all anybody needs to experience VR for themselves. 

This is great news for us and quite possibly you as our clients already have the required hardware, now all that is needed is something to actually look about that new development or product range you are preparing to market? 

Our 360° CGI's are a great way to get a complete feel for a future property development, interior space or virtual show room. The interactive and immersive environments draw people in to a personal experience far more engaging than a still image or even an expensive animation. 

These impressive images aren't only compatible with virtual reality headsets but also surprisingly simple to integrate onto current websites and even easier to upload to existing mobile apps and social media. 

360°  Rural Residential Street scene

360° Wedding Venue Interiors


360° CGI Architectural Visualisation


360° Residential Interior


360° Residential Street View

360° Entrance Hall


Google Cardboard can be purchased here ... 

More coming soon...