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''Can we have a go on your time machine?!?''

''Can we have a go on your time machine?!?''

‘Can we have a go on your time machine?’

This is the question our clients ask us more than any other. We have tried explaining our off-plan architectural visualisations are just that - produced ‘off-plan’, however we still have clients insisting that the only reasonable explanation for the high quality of our work must be we have developed a time machine, traveled to the future and photographed their completed properties.

The truth is our ‘Time Travel’ service is actually still at its early R&D stage, although even I had to question if we’d had a sudden unexpected advancement after comparing the two below.

CGI Street View - Produced February 2016

Streetscape - 1 -JPG.jpg

Google Street View - September 2018

As this issue seems to have now caught the attention of a shady government agency and we are being harassed by ‘men in black’ type figures daily it is vital we stress our services are limited to the following -

Architectural Visualisations

Interior/Room Set Visualisations

360° CGI Spaces

Time Travel***

Product Visualisations

*** Our ‘Time Travel’ service is limited to future facing only at a speed of 1 day per 24 hours.