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8 Hygge Essentials


8 Hygge Essentials

It’s that time of year when the weather has turned cold, the days are far too short and all we want to do is hibernate.

Your first instinct may be there is nothing less ‘hygge’ than the production of marketing CGIs; however with more and more of our clients looking to put a contemporary Scandinavian slant into their brochure and website images we have developed an genuine appreciation of all thing hygge.

Wanting to cram as much of that Danish comfort into our lives as possible has inevitably lead to us producing a new hygge inspired interior visualisation.

We have packed all kinds of hygge into this CGI - here’s a few of our essentials…

1) A Thick Blanket

We have all had those mornings when we have considered taking our duvet into the office - perhaps ‘‘hygge’’ is the perfect excuse?

Hygge is all about feeling cosy and what could be cosier than a warm, fuzzy blanket?

2) Candles 

If you ask a Danish person, they're likely to tell you that candles are the best place to start when creating a hyggelig atmosphere. So turn off those oppressive ceiling lights and burn some scented candles to add a brooding sense of atmosphere to any room, dim the lights and enjoy watching the flickering flames sweeten the air.

3) Comfy Slippers

We hate cold feet (not the 90s Mancunian comedy drama - that was great!). Just having cold feet makes you feel cold full stop and that’s just not hygge - so invest in some soft and fluffy slippers.

4) Board Games 

Togetherness is a major part of hygge. So spend some quality time with friends and family; put your phone down turn off ‘Celebrities big brothers dancing in the ice jungle’ and dig out those old board games packed with childhood memories!

5) A Good Read 

Remember when we were told not to sit too close to the TV as it can’t be good for your eyes - then we grew up and started staring at multiple screens for work and ‘pleasure’!?!

Give your eyes a break and pick out a real life tangible book. Curling up on the sofa and getting stuck into a good novel on a cold day has to be one of the greatest hygge pleasures.

6) Hot drinks

Steaming hot, rich and sweet is how I hope to be remembered we like our drinks in the grey winter months.

Tea, Coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine. No explanation needed - Delicious!

7) Plants

There’s not always a lot of green outdoors through the winter months, but that doesn’t stop us from bringing some nature indoors! Whether it be plants, oak floors, wooden furniture or even a mirror made from sticks - all help us feel closer to nature which is an essential part of Hygge.

8) Pets

Let’s be honest some pets are going to be more Hygge than others - my goldfish still hasn’t quite grasped the concept. Cats and dogs on the other hand have certain elements of hygge down to a fine art. Your dog sees you as part of their pack and loves ‘togetherness’ where as a cat has an uncanny ability to turn the warmest and coziest part of any house into their own.

Hygge has become a huge part of interior design, we are regularly asked by property developers, interior designers as well a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom manufacturers to incorporate elements of hygge and Scandinavian design to their marketing visuals. We always happily comply as their is something strangely satisfying in making a CGI (Computer Generated Image) feel homely and inviting.

Click below to see the final result of our Hygge CGI -