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Aerial CGI Photomontage


Aerial CGI Photomontage

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Game of Thrones is now over and we’re all left wondering what exactly are we going to do with the rest of our lives!?! What is ever going to fill this ‘epic’ shaped hole?

Well aerial photography is quite epic and if we composite in some CGI then surely that’s pretty much the same as GOT…isn’t it?!

Ok so we’re clutching at straws; but we have produced some new off-plan property visuals using some impressive aerial drone photography and our CGI skills. We’ve even placed them into cool ‘before and after’ slidy things below - which is kind of fun to play with for a couple of minutes…

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Property Marketing Visuals - Camden Road, London


Property Marketing Visuals - Camden Road, London

London [luhn-duh n]

Being a Mancunian CGI company we had always assumed ‘London’ to be a mythical city. I’d heard so much about royal weddings, macavelian politicians and unimaginable wealth it was easy to confuse ‘London’ with an episode of Game of Thrones. Until one day we picked up the phone to a strange accent - an accent we only ever before on the news.

After the initial panic, a lot of research and heated debate with the village elders we came to the conclusion that not only is London a real place but that there is actually quite a lot of property development happening there - which was great news for us!

We proceeded to produce a set of off-plan marketing visuals for a new apartment building on Camden Road. This included an exterior architectural visualisation, interior CGIs and a 360° CGI virtual property tour.

Interior Apartment CGIs

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360° CGI Virtual Apartment Tour

We work with companies throughout the world.

If you have a project requiring visuals you’d like to discuss; contact us here -


''Can we have a go on your time machine?!?''

''Can we have a go on your time machine?!?''

‘Can we have a go on your time machine?’

This is the question our clients ask us more than any other. We have tried explaining our off-plan architectural visualisations are just that - produced ‘off-plan’, however we still have clients insisting that the only reasonable explanation for the high quality of our work must be we have developed a time machine, traveled to the future and photographed their completed properties.

The truth is our ‘Time Travel’ service is actually still at its early R&D stage, although even I had to question if we’d had a sudden unexpected advancement after comparing the two below.

CGI Street View - Produced February 2016

Streetscape - 1 -JPG.jpg

Google Street View - September 2018

As this issue seems to have now caught the attention of a shady government agency and we are being harassed by ‘men in black’ type figures daily it is vital we stress our services are limited to the following -

Architectural Visualisations

Interior/Room Set Visualisations

360° CGI Spaces

Time Travel***

Product Visualisations

*** Our ‘Time Travel’ service is limited to future facing only at a speed of 1 day per 24 hours.